Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle: A Quick Overview

The Link service  by Samsung that connects Samsung devices like Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Phone, and PC to share the content and data like Videos and music using internet service is often termed as Samsung Link, but commonly it is known as Samsung AllShare. Using this AllShare service, you can view your mobile content like video on your TV screen.

To cast or to view your mobile phone screen or videos on your TV screen, you need to install AllShare Cast application installed on your Samsung Smartphone. You can get this fantastic app downloading directly from the Samsung Web store or the Google Play Store as well. Now your phone is ready to cast or stream. Now you need to make your TV ready to receive data from your phone, and for this, you will need a device called AllShare Cast Dongle.

AllShare Cast Dongle

How to use AllShare Cast Dongle for Screen Mirroring

Buy the AllShare Cast Dongle from the Samsung Store with the HDMI cable. Installation is as comfortable as Plug n Play. Just attach the HDMI cable to your TV and connect the AllShare Cast Dongle at the other end of the HDMI cable. Once you are done with attaching the device, you need to sync the devices so that data streaming may start. This streaming is given a specific name, i.e., “Screen Mirroring.”

Screen Mirroring – as the name shows – will enable you to view everything on your TV that you are viewing on your Samsung Mobile Phone Screen. Samsung Galaxy devices are more popular for Screen Mirroring than other models. Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 came with the preloaded feature of Screen Mirroring in them. This feature was liked so much by the users that it became the permanent feature of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Now if you have Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, you can play games, or you can watch videos of your phone on a bigger screen like your TV screen or even your laptop or PC Screen.

AllShare Cast Wireless Hub

If you don’t want to use AllShare Cast Dongle, you can use the other method as well. You can buy an AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. This AllShare Cast Wireless hub enables you to directly stream your Samsung Galaxy mobile screen video on your HDTV.

Connecting Devices for Screen Mirroring

Well coming back to AllShare Cast Dongle idea for Screen Mirroring. After attaching the AllShare Cast Dongle to the TV using the HDMI Cable, you need a plugin in the AC adapter, and now your device is ready to sync. You will see a blinking red light on the device, as you see the blinking red light, from the TV remote select the source HDMI for your TV display. On your TV a confirmation screen will be displayed. Now you need to press the reset button on the AllShare Cast Dongle till the blinking light turns blue. As the light turns blue, it’s the indication that your devices, i.e., Dongle and TV are now synced.

Now you need to connect your Samsung Galaxy Mobile to the AllShare Cast Dongle. You have multiple options to do that. You can use the AllShare Cast application that you already downloaded on your Smartphone. The second option is to connect your phone and dongle using the Quick Connect feature on your phone which can be accessed simply by sliding down the screen from the top. And the third option is to go to the Setting of your phone. There you will have to search the NFC Sharing options, and then you will be able to see the Screen Mirroring, ShareView or AllShare options. Select the option whichever is available, and then your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone will show the available devices. Now select the AllShare Cast Dongle from the list, and your phone is not connected to the dongle.

Once your Phone and TV is connected to the AllShare cast dongle, you are ready to view your mobile screen on your HDTV. Now play games or enjoy the movies on the bigger screen rather than viewing on the 5 or 4 inches screen. Screen Mirroring is helpful for you if you have to show some photos of your family or some personal videos as well. It’s useful if you have to deliver some presentation stored on your phone. You can connect your smartphone to the HDTV in your office or conference room and then you can deliver your presentation.

You may face a few issues like when you will be playing videos, and you may observe a few seconds of buffering. This buffering is often observed on the low bandwidth network connections. If you are using the WiFi which is loaded with users, then you may face this buffering issue. Sometimes there comes the mode confliction while you play video or play some game. Test with different modes first and then you will get an idea where you can enjoy the best view with perfect aspect ratio. Hope you would enjoy this feature.


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