Unblock Sites : Best Tools and Methods to Bypass Internet Censorship

Are you living in a rouge state where government imposes an internet censorship and want to unblock sites yet you’re restricted by a network filter? This post is an overview on how to access blocked web sites for those who stuck in countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, UEA, Iran and other countries where governments impose internet censorship using popular tunneling software and services . This posting is also for particularly useful for those who want to surf at any places without restrictions to access such sites as Facebook,, Youtube and use applications restricted by firewalls such as peer-to-peer applications, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, VOIP application such as Skype etc . The complete guide on how to get around blocked ports or bypass internet filters using different tools/application is presented in details in separate posts.

For a variety of reasons, from political or moral grounds countries implement web filters or firewalls to restrict access to banned sites deemed inappropriate. For example porn sites are completely banned in such countries as Saudi Arabia, United Emirates Arab and Iran, sensitive web content such as Falun Gong , Dalai Lama are also banned in China. Keep in mind that accessing banned sites in some countries may lead to prosecution. Use methods discussed here to unblock sites at your own risk.

Different Methods to and Unblock Sites and Bypass Internet Censorship

Using web proxies or public proxies are perhaps the most popular methods to unblock sites and get around internet censorship and web filters. However one notable drawback of these methods are administrators and governments can easily block them and in many instances unscrupulous hackers intentionally set up public or web proxies for the sole purpose of extracting personal data. Web proxies are usually slow and ridden with ads. Use only well-known or reputed public proxies and web proxies to access blocked websites.
The best alternative to unblock sites and application is using tunneling software / services. Broadly speaking, based on their implementation on how restricted websites and applications can be unblocked, tunneling software are be divided into two broad categories : Those that need installation and portable applications or stand alone programs. Two of the most popular method to perform the job are virtual private network (VPN) and Secure Shell.

A. Unblock Sites Using VPN or Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network (VPN) is virtual connection made over the Internet or other public networks, allowing remote offices or individual to establish a secure link between the different locations with their organization’s network this method is discussed in details here .

B. Using SSH Tunneling

Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged employing a secure channel between two networked devices. Check out the complete guide, designed mainly for newbies, on how to use SSH tunneling to unblock sites using Tunnelier and Proxifier here.

C. Using Other Tunneling/ Unblocking Services

There are heaps of tunneling services you can use to unblock sites behind restrictive firewalls. Essentially by using their services your internet connections are redirected to their servers with no restrictions. Some are completely free to use, some are free with limited time usage and bandwidth cap. You can learn how o use them in details along with descriptive pictures in the Anonymous and Tunneling category of this humble blog. Bellow are some of the best services and most popular services to get around restricted firewalls.
C.1 Your Freedom
Unblock Sites : Best Tools To Unblock Blocked Sites And and Bypass Internet Censorship with your freedom

Your Freedom utilizes sophisticated proxy tunneling to access internet via your freedom servers scattered around the world without restrictions . Before being able to use its service you need to register in their website after which you will be able to use free their service with a bandwidth cap of 64 kpbs and around eight hours usage per week. If you need to get out the most of it you need to buy vouchers to access with to time and speed limits which are not expensive . If you’re sitting in front of school or office computer, the best thing about your freedom is that no content filtering software can block you from accessing its servers as long as your local computer ports are not completely blocked. Check out the detailed guide on how to unblock sites with your freedom here.

Jap jondo

JAP / JonDo enabled its users to stay anonymous on the internet by giving access to strong anonymization systems. It hides the users IP address from internet site operators, network administrators , intelligence agencies and even the operators of the accessed anonymization systems. It servers are mainly located in Europe. You can use their service without time restrictions yet with a limited speed which is enough to to do basic internet activities such as chatting, browsing and download. See the complete guide on how to unblock sites with Jondo/ JAP here.

C.3. GTunnel

GTunnel is a Windows-based application to bypass internet filters and hide IP address and protect internet privacy. Their free service is currently only intended to China’s users. Others can however use Gtunnel by subscribing to the paid service . Check Out the complete guide on how to use it in this post here

C.4. Gpass

GPass is a highly sophisticated software that can encrypt while you’re online , hide your IP address, and bypass internet censorship and webblocker and employing a number of secure channels to connect to the Internet and bypass cencorship . The software is free for individual use within designated countries where Internet censorship is in place. This application is developed by mostly Falun Gong followers, a banned spiritual sect in China to promote internet freedom for those restricted by government internet censorship. Click the following link to find out more How To Use Gpass

C.5. UltraSurf

UltraSurf is the tunneling software product from UltraReach Internet Corp. for .UltraSurf is claimed by its developers as a breakthrough that has cope with the deficiencies of previous generations of proxy techniques. Click here for details on how to use it How To Use UltraSurf

C.6 Freegate

FreeGate is an anti-censorship software to bypass firewall and bypass internet filters that was developed and maintained by Dynamic Internet Technology Inc. (DIT: www.dit-inc.us). Click on the following link to learn to use it : How To Use Freegate

From my own experience and all of the above unblocking services/ programs have their own shortcomings and advantages and for unknown reasons that I still can not still figure out different environments need different methods in order to be able to connect to the internet and use applications without restrictions . The best bet would be if one of the above fails to unblock sites then you should try another.

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