How to Fix Linksys Router Connection Problem

This Linksys router connection problem happened quite a while ago while I tried to connect my Dell computer located in my room and Linksys -installed PC server located in the master room. I subscribed to a broadband internet ISP and shared them with other two computers and a laptop belonging to my wife and son using Linksy WRT54g wireless router . It worked just fine when all of a sudden the wireless network stop working, All computer clients could not receive signal from server couldn’t surf the internet. This was the message got “cannot associate with access point”


How to Fix Linksys Router Connection Problem

Linksy WRT54g wireless router


After successfully setting up Linksys router and configuring everything such as configuring security settings three months earlier suddenly I have the connection problem with the Linksys router. I have uninstalled and then installed the driver, and restarted the router but to no avail. I have also tried to reconfigure the security setting as described in the Linksys router security setup page in this blog. I finally gave up trying to sort the problem out myself and turn to the internet to find out solution to this connection problem but alas, I found no solution. After three days finally I came up with a solution to this annoying Linksys router connection problem.

So to make the story short this is what exactly did to fix my Linksys router connection problem, please note though, that this quick fix may or may not apply to yours. This includes hardware-related problems.

  1. Uninstall driver from computer gateway (access point) , restart it and put your driver in a folder. Do not install it yet. You may get the latest driver from official Linksys driver download page or just copy from the CD that comes with the router when you buy your Linksys router.
  2. Make sure have connect your router with the computer server.
  3. Restart again.When prompted by the computer server to install the router driver, select install manually or Have disk, then navigate to the driver in your server computer hard drive you have earlier copied. Now it’s time to perform Linksys router setup and configure the required setting for your router to send signal.
    Assuming that you have already installed wireless card on the computer clients (computers that connect to the router for internet connection) now follow exactly the above step.

As stated above what I did above may or may not apply to your Linksys router connection problem, the best bet would be to give it a try.

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